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  1. One of the reasons I don’t teach Sunday school is the fear of telling children a Bible story I’ll have to retract or modify significantly later when they’re adults. I’m referring to those stories that are best not taken literally, such as Elijah flying off into the sky with Elisha looking on. I wonder how many adults reject Christianity because they find they have no meaningful interpretation of these stories, having outgrown the literal one. Treating the children like adults by having them in worship might eliminate this difficult transition.

    • HI Steve, what a great comment! So much to unpack. In fact, this might be a blog soon…

      I hope that by keeping kids in worship, we aren’t “treating them like adults,” but rather sharing the sacred space in a way that allows us all to worship more fully. I often hear adults praising the “children’s sermon” saying they learned more there than in what might be implied is the “adult’s sermon.” Personally, I think of it all as interpreting the Word with the whole congregation. Certainly for one part I speak in a way that children will understand (concrete, simple language, stories) and I always give actions that children and adults can do to better understand the text. In another part, I am free to use more poetic language and abstract concepts. But it is all the sermon. And it is all for everyone.
      I also think you aptly named one of the struggles of teenagers and young adults with faith. As we grow into more mature reasoning, we struggle with the simple “logic” of our child-faith. This is one the reasons I LOVED being a youth pastor and particularly loved confirmation. It was amazing to witness them embrace the complexities of faith. I won’t say a deeper faith, because I believe children have very real and very deep faith, but I do believe there is a move toward a wider faith that is truly incredible and Spirit led.
      Maybe you should think about helping with confirmation!! I think you’ve got a lot to offer 🙂
      My prayers and love are always with you and Covenant.
      ~ Karen

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